BOSthón 2019 Teachers, Classes, and Vendors

BOSthón 2019 Teachers

Several Artists will be joining BOSthon 2019 as DANCERS for the weekend. They will make some time for a few private/semi-private lessons. Feel free to reach out to them if you’re interested.

Eduardo Villalba
Daniel Moreno and  Amanda Accica
Jesica Cutler and John Miller

Bailemos Taxi-Dancers – Daniel Moreno

BOSthón 2019 Classes

Folclore – by Semeon Kukormin ($15)
Social dancing –  by Alla and Yves (free class)
Become an Amazing Tango Dancer – by Inessa ($25-$35)
Mantribe – by Travis (free class)
Ladies Styling by Amanda Accica (free class)

BOSthón 2019 Vendors

Tango Women’s Shoes – by Julia Schiptsova/Annalise (SUR Tango Shoes)
Tango Women and Men’s shoes– by  Diego Santana
Tango Clothes – by  Maleva Shoes
Tango Clothes – by Stella Ceballos
Tango Clothes – by  Corin Lee
Tango Clothes – by Martha
Tango Clothes – by Dagny Miller
Tango Clothes – by Vero
Jewerly – by AnnaLinda
Foot Massage – European Massage by Alex
Yoga and Thai Vedic Bodywork – by Megan Slattery Yoga

Food provided by Brelundi Ristorante