BOSthón 2021 Artists

Just because you asked.

We are expanding this year’s BOSthón to include many fun classes – and not just tango and milonga classes, but alternative tango, Argentine folk, Zumba and even tango football.

We have an extensive list of artists who will be teaching classes.

The schedule is here.

Simo Raucci & Carolina Di Monaco

from São Paulo, Brazil

Simo Raucci & Carolina Di Monaco are Champions of Tango Vals and Vice-Champions of Tango Pista in the Brazilian Preliminaries of the Tango World Championship. They have been dancing together for over 6 years teaching classes, giving workshops, performing shows and participating in festivals all around Brazil, Italy, Spain, France and Turkey. For them, the focus of their teaching and performing is always keeping a conversation between the couple (through the dance) , and transmitting the fascination of the embrace and connection.

Diego Lanau & Alejandra Saravia

from Buenos Aires, Argentina

In 1997 Diego Lanau began studying tango. In 1999 Diego joined the Mora Godoy group in Club Almagro where he met his first tango partner, Natalia Arcidiacono, with who START TEACHING IN 2001. Diego participated in a variety of tango competitions.He became finalists in the Sin Rumbo Club in Villa Urquiza and in December 2003 was crowned champion, by a nearly unanimous public vote, in Club Saraza. And set the finals in 2004 in the world tango cup. 2006 marked the beginning of international travel with the San Francisco Bay Area the first destination. Diego traveled to various cities in the USA: San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland New York, Reno, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas and Aspen and participated in 2007 participated in the Portland and Seattle festivals. In 2009, he travels expanded to Europe, where he taught and performed in Italy, Spain and France. Afterwards, they returned to Europe in 2010 to participate in the Kerallic tango festival in Bretagne. Also in 2010 they were invited to participate in the Antipanico Festival in the Bay Area. He returned to the Bay Area in May 2011. April 2013, special participation at ATUSA as performer. March 2015, judge at Los Ángeles local championship. June 2015, tango festival in Sabadell(Spain). In 2017, he perform at Buenos Aires City Hall, Club Atlético Boca Juniors (most emblematic soccer team in Argentina). January 2018 participated in TANGO SALON EXTREMO, in Argentina. March same year work as Judge at ATUSA, in San Francisco. And continue working and performing in Buenos Aires as well USA today.

Alejandra Saravia started to dance ballet and practice gymnastics at the age of 4. In 2008 Tango become part of her life where she started to gain experience and skills from world renowned teachers Alejandra Mantinian, Moira Castellano and Pablo Veron, being her main influence for the last 5 years in BA Argentina. Alejandra has been teaching and performing in the US since 2008, Bolivia in 2018; Europe, in March 2019 ( Italy) and April 2019 in Chile. At the end of 2019 she began her partnership with Diego Lanau and continued traveling and teaching in San Francisco. Together they have long and vast experience dancing tango and teaching to different cultures and levels. They are professional tango dancers and milongueros, with a broad spectrum of literacy of the dance in all their components.

Julia Gorin & Jonatan Baez

from Argentina

Julia Gorin and Jonatan Baez are professional dancers, teachers and choreographers. They dance and teach Tango Salon, also Tango Escenario (stage tango) and Argentine Folklore. They are also members of AMBCTA – the Asociación de Maestros Bailarines y Coreógrafos de Tango Argentino (Association of the Professional Teachers, Dancers and Choreographers of Argentine Tango). Jonatan has been dancing Argentine tango since 1996, and has danced Argentine folklore since he was eight years old. He also performed with the National Folklore Ballet of Argentina. He was the recipient of many prestigious dance awards, and winner of various regional and national competitions in tango and folklore. Julia has been dancing tango since 2000, and has studied music (piano) and classical and modern ballet since she was six years old. She was also the founder of the tango community in Cyprus. Together Jonatan Baez & Julia Gorin have been dancing since 2011. Living in Buenos Aires, where they worked in such tango shows, as the famous Café Tortoni, Añoranzas Tango, the legendary “Sabor a Tango”, “Tanguera”, “Che Tango”, and others, they perform at the most prestigious milongas (Salon Canning, Porteño y Bailarin, El Beso, Gricel, Sunderland, La Nacional, Confitería Ideal, La Baldosa, etc.) and also with different orchestras: Color Tango, Los Reyes del Tango, Sans Sousi, Bajofondo, Sexteto Milonguero, Romantica Milonguera and many others. Jonatan and Julia have taught in such schools in Buenos Aires as “Asociación de Maestros Coreógrafos y bailarines de tango”, “La Floreada de Alejandra Mantiñan”, La Escuela “Obelisco Tango”, and “La Escuela Mundial de Tango”. Jonatan and Julia regularly tour with seminars, master-classes, performances and festivals and concerts all over the world. Their unique method of teaching is the quintessence of their experience not only in tango, but also in Argentine folklore, modern and contemporary ballet, jazz, drama theatre, research in the field of conscious movement, dance therapy and their own developments. Their performing abilities are fascinating and diverse: they are equally inspiring, dancing elegant tango salon with very close embrace, or flamboyant stage tango shows, or Argentine folklore. In their performances they are distinguished by mastery, sensuality and professionalism.

Roxana Marinoff & Cesar Davalos

from Argentina

Professional dancers and Argentine Tango teachers, natives from Argentina. They have been together from more than 6 years, they have participated in countless Shows and Tango Shows. They have taken their knowledge and pasion through out the eastern United States, giving workshops and shows in different dance schools. They are also Choreographers of numerous shows for many Argentine Producers. They have been part of great companies, sach as Tango Desire Company, Tango Legends, Mora Godoy Tango Company, Tango Genuine and Marcos Ayala Tango Company, making national and international tour. They have joined the staff of renowned Tango Shows in the City of Buenos Aires, such as El Gran Cafe Tortoni, Madero Tango, Tango Porteño and currently working in the Viejo Almacen. They are the principal couple of “Tango The Musical”, a wonderful tribute to Astor Piazolla. In 2015 they were part of Stravaganza Tango, an amazing theatrical show, in which Tango was fused with aereal skills and malambo. They have participated in shows for Argentine television, like “Dancing with the stars”. Thanks to their initial training in other disciplines, such as rhythminc gymnastics, aereal silks, acrobatics, modern dances, Alternative Tango and a little bit of ballroom dance, they have a versatile and unique dance style that stands out for its flexibility and dexterity.

Eduardo Villalba

from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Eduardo Villalba is an Argentinian born tango teacher currently living in Chicago. He started his journey into the tango world in la Boca where he grew up surrounded by tango. La Boca is a neighborhood with rich tango history and cultural value. Eduardo danced in such iconic places in Buenos Aires as la Boca, San Telmo, Cafe Tortoni and Bar Sur among others great venues and milongas in Buenos Aires,Eduardo’s dedication to the true spirit of tango and many years of experience characterize his unique style of dance and teaching, the style of elegance, passion and true connection. He immigrated to the United States in 2008 and since then has partnered with several prominent tango dancers to deliver intensive workshops across the country, spreading tango as part of Argentinian culture and identity in the US.