BOSthón 2021 DJ’s

We are very excited to introduce to you the world known DJ’s. They will DJ for us and their music will keep us dancing non-stop during the Marathon. Please meet our beautiful DJ team for BOSthón 2021

Azriel Ghadooshahy

from SF Bay Area, California

Azriel started DJing in 2012 with MIT Tango Club after asking the DJ too many questions during practicas. From there he began DJing the local milongas in Boston, and then various larger events including Toronto Tango Festival, LOCA, and San Diego Tango Marathon. Since moving to the SF Bay Area he has been DJing regularly at local milongas, and also occasionally in other cities on the west coast including LA and Portland. He is excited to return to Boston for BOSthón and share various pieces of music that are good for dancing and creating ambiance.

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David Chester

from Worcester, Massachusetts

David has loved music his whole life. In his youth, he sang in choirs that toured Europe, and also was a choir director. Later in life, he discovered tango, and it became his passion. It wasn’t long before he got into DJing. David DJs at milongas and festivals across New England and beyond, playing his carefully crafted tandas. His favorite songs are the emotional songs that touch your soul, and are full of longing. However, he plays a wide variety of tango songs, from rhythmic to lyrical. He has even been known to play an alternative tanda when it fits the crowd. His goal is for people to leave tired, from dancing all night.

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Koichiro Suzuki

from Naha, Okinawa

Koichiro Suzuki has a Master’s Degree in Music Performance at Duquesne University and has performed Euphonium internationally since 1996. Koichiro incorporates his complex music background and deep understanding of musicality into his DJing. Koichiro DJs regularly in Pittsburgh, PA and has DJed many other cities in the United States, Argentina, Canada, Cyprus, Mexico and Japan. In 2021, Koichiro was invited to DJ at the Windy City Tango Festival in Chicago in July, the Boston Tango Marathon in September, Plan to Organize Pittsburgh Tango Fierro in October.

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Robin Graeme Thomas

from NYC, New York

When Robin came back from his first trip to Buenos Aires 21 years ago, he realized that if he wanted to continue to dance tango every night, he would have to find a way to attend milongas for free. At the time, the concept of a tango DJ didn’t exist. Organizer’s would put on a CD, and often it would repeat to span the length of the milonga. Robin wanted to play music as he had heard it in Buenos Aires: in tandas of tango, vals, and milonga with cortinas in between. He began to DJ doing exactly that, despite being told not to play cortinas as people would dance to them. Initially some people did dance to the cortinas, but Robin persisted until this format became the standard. Over the next two decades, he was invited to DJ in D.C., L.A., Denver, Portland, Miami, and some of the biggest festivals in North America, as well as, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Berlin, Seoul, Shanghai and Buenos Aires. Robin hosted Nocturne in NYC, one of the largest monthly milongas in the US, and the legendary RoKo, which was one of the largest weekly milonga in the US.

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Rodrigo El Charrua

from Uruguay

Rodrigo “DJ Charrua” Saraibe, originally from Uruguay, studied sound and light engineering in Buenos Aires in Argentina. Rodrigo has been working as a sound engineer, DJ, and stage manager since 1995, and has ample experience as a promoter of rock and Tango events and stage in Buenos Aires, and worked in Miami,FL. for various local bands and TV shows as a music designer. Rodrigo resides in Chicago IL since 2002 , where he has been working in the integration of audio and visual arts using his sound and light design skills. As a native Uruguayan, Rodrigo began discovering his origins by exploring tango music. His passion for Tango music has lead him to acquire an extensively impressive collection of music. He has been DJ in some of the most prominent Tango Millongas in the US, including Chicago,IL., Miami,FL, Seattle,WA, Los Angeles,CA., San Francisco, CA., San Diego, CA., Sacramento,CA,. Boston, MA, NYC, Minneapolis,MN,. Detroit,Mi, St Louis, MO, Washington DC,, Philadelphia,PE., Raleigh,NC, Madison,WI. Detroit, Mi. Ann Arbor, Mi. He also played Festivals and Marathons of nationally renowned such as the US Tango Festival and Championship 2013 and 2014 held in San Francisco CA., Boston Marathon 2014, 2015 & 2016 , Chicago Tango week 2015 & 2016, Shall we Dance Festival NYC 2014, Florida Tango Festival 2015, Seattle Tango Marathon 2016, Louisville Tango Festival 2016, and is schedule as the DJ for the Twin Cities Tango Marathon 2017,2 annual FloridaTango Encounter 2017,Argentine Tango USA Official Festival & Championship 2017,First Alegria Mini Tango Festival 2017,Second Louisville Tango Festiva 2017.

Rodrigo El Charrua on Facebook

Boris Hayete
Our Pre-Marathon Milonga DJ

from Boston, Massachusetts

Boris has been dancing tango for almost two decades, and fell into DJing after a knee surgery as a way to work on musicality and stay in the dance during the recovery. His DJing style blends his scientific approach, musical education, and 22 years of experience in tango and lindy hop towards crafting a unique night tailored to the dancers in the room. His North Star is the simple question: “what would I want to dance now?” Boris thinks of building a night in terms of themes, gently taking the dancers through moods and musical experiences, broad vistas and sharp highlights. Boris’s favorite orquesta is Di Sarli, whose wide command of styles, eras, tempos, and moods serves as his model of versatility. No era is off limits, and music building on traditional themes will harken from the modern era when appropriate. Boris is a milonga fiend and will cater to same with the fiercest, zaniest syncopations. Expect to be tired. When Boris DJs, cortinas tell the story and manage the time. You will have time to rest when you are tired, and you will have time to relish in the previous tanda when you want to; the cortinas will also usually hint at what’s coming – stay tuned! Over the last six years, Boris has DJed at most milongas in the Boston area, but his three kids and his second hobby – science – will not let him travel to events much. Catch him here while you can!

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This year we will have multiple outside dance floors in addition to our beautiful inside one.  We would like to create a safe environment for each taste. All the floors (indoor and outdoor) will have the same traditional music.

Some alternative music will be added to our outdoor floors.

Our alternative music DJ is:

Tera Butler

from Meridian, Idaho

The second Tera discovered the creative, improvisational, silent language that Tango had to offer, she was hooked. She continually found herself incorporating the dance into any kind of music that came on; whether it was at the store or around the house with the radio playing. Thus, the drive for becoming an alternative DJ was born. Tera has added to her collection over time, pulling inspiration from songs that provoke internal emotions to come to the surface, urging the dancer to respond with their own innate movements and thoughts. She and her dance partner, Aaron Patterson, run a weekly alternative milonga along with teaching classes that focus on the concepts and art of making the dance enjoyable and unique to each dancers style and expression. Her goal as a DJ is to fulfill the dancers by taking them on an entertaining journey through the full range of emotions that tango is known for, but with a more modern twist.

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