BOSthón 2021 Vendors

TangoTana Shoes is the exclusive distributor in North America of the superb Entonces T-Shoes, Made in Italy.

Diego Santana Tango is bringing tango shoes to BOSthón 2021.

Clothes from Brazil VOILÀ FEMME. Created and designed by Simo Raucci and Ana Carolina Di Monaco, it was one of Tango’s first brand of clothes in Brazil.
We have several collections, from the most basic (for classes, milongas, etc) to the most refined and exclusive for performances and gala nights.
We value comfort and quality to meet the necessity of the dancer inside and outside the dancefloor.

Mussa Collection by Sandra Angel. Tango clothes one-of-a-kind.

Maleva Zapatos line of flirty dresses and skirts in fun and funky colors at BOSthón 2021. All of our designs are tango-tested, in flattering silhouettes and comfortable, curve-hugging, high-quality fabrics. Everything is designed and hand-sewn by Jennifer Bratt.

Atelier Vertex is a name that combines love for old-world charm and personal approach and science and innovation. 

Authentic Colombian Empanadas made with the traditional ground corn shells are coming to BOSthón 2021!
They will be fresh cooked on the fryer right in front of you to keep you dancing days and nights!

Snack packs (contains 2 empanadas of the same flavor. Ranging in price from $5-6 each) will be available for milonga.
6 packs are also available for purchase to enjoy at home (Frozen 6 pack).

You can Pre-order on the website so they can make sure they don’t run out.

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More fun activities at BOSthón 2021:

Mobile Sauna will be available at BOSthón 2021 Boston Tango Marathon!
Enjoy authentic Finnish Sauna to catch your breath, rest your feet and experience awarded therapeutic massage, herbal treatment, facial and much more.

Spa Wagon holds up to 6 people in the sauna room and up to 4 people in the lounge/changing room for a total of up to 10 people. Complementary bench towels, spa slippers, delicious herbal tea and most importantly professional approach make this experience truly unforgettable.

Foot, body and special birch bunches sauna massages will be available at BOSthón 2021 by European Massage by Alex and Yura Astakhov