BOSthón 2022 Vendors

Maleva Zapatos will bring her collection of clothes to BOSthón 2022.

Clothes from Brazil VOILÀ FEMME. Created and designed by Simo Raucci and Ana Carolina Di Monaco, it was one of Tango’s first brand of clothes in Brazil.
We have several collections, from the most basic (for classes, milongas, etc) to the most refined and exclusive for performances and gala nights.
We value comfort and quality to meet the necessity of the dancer inside and outside the dancefloor.

Tanguera Chic by Verosel is our vendor for BOSthón 2022.

“Unique outfits for unique ladies”

Lux Urquiza by Villano Del Tango will sell men and women tango pants at BOSthón 2022.

Alejandra Saravia is bringing SUR tango shoes to BOSthón 2022.

TangoTana Shoes is the exclusive distributor in North America of the superb Entonces T-Shoes, Made in Italy.

Jewelinga will bring tango jewelry to BOSthón 2022.

And even more…

The interactive lecture-live guitar about the structure of Tango Music by Grisha Nisnevich.

About the class “The Structure of Tango Music”:
– The History of Tango Music.
– Styles of world music influenced Tango.
– How to use musical ideas to create movements.
– Adornments, phrasing, What is Traspie.
– What is Vals Cruzado. What is Criollo style in Music.
– What is Polyphony (Contrapunto).
– The Secrets of Concert musician used by dancers.

This is Inessa Zaleski 5th year teaching TangoConfiDance, tango mind-conditioning workshops at the our Boston Tango Marathon and for the past 2 years she is coming all the way from France for our Bosthon!

These workshops have been presented at national and international tango festivals and marathons since 2016 (among them in NYC, North Carolina, New York State, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, France and Spain. She was also invited to teach in Greece and in Israel.

Inessa’s work has been published in the international best-selling book “Tango Tips by the Maestros”.

These are not dance classes. These are mindset conditioning workshops specifically designed to keep on elevating your level of dance. They are suitable to any dance level, from a complete beginner all the way up to a maestro.

Fabrizio Sonny LeNoir is coming to BOSthón 2022 with Kinetic Thai Bodywork.