BOSthón 2023 Vendors

Maleva Zapatos will bring her collection of clothes to BOSthón 2023.

Clothes from Brazil VOILÀ FEMME. Created and designed by Simo Raucci and Ana Carolina Di Monaco, it was one of Tango’s first brand of clothes in Brazil.
We have several collections, from the most basic (for classes, milongas, etc) to the most refined and exclusive for performances and gala nights.
We value comfort and quality to meet the necessity of the dancer inside and outside the dancefloor.

Tanguera Chic by Verosel is our vendor for BOSthón 2023.

“Unique outfits for unique ladies”

Lux Urquiza by Villano Del Tango will sell men and women tango pants at BOSthón 2023.

Jewelinga will bring tango jewelry to BOSthón 2023.

Lorena Dies, costume and fashion designer from Miami will present her pieces at BOSthón 23.

Body massage by Yura Astakhov at BOSthón 2023.

Our Photographers:

Dina Levinson

Irakly Shanidze

Julia Arhitektorov

Svetlana Vashkevch

Yura Astakhov